Bringing a long history of celebrated design to fine jewelry

Constance Peck has been an incorrigible designer for the last forty years. She has created award-winning interiors, gardens, a whimsical collapsible birdhouse and a patented baby product. Always seeking a new and satisfying creative outlet, she began designing with pearls and gemstones several years ago, utilizing her expertise from her days of weaving. From the dyeing of the silk threads to the intricately woven strands of pearls, these designs introduce an innovative approach to jewelry.

The best materials for a lifetime of class and beauty

Searching out the finest quality available in precious and semi-precious stones, Constance selects classic materials with inherent value. Pieces are made with gemstones chosen for their cut, clarity, color and style. German silk thread is custom dyed to complement the stones. The art of hand knotting between stones distinguishes these pieces in the realm of beadwork.

Signature metalwork combines form and function

Custom metalwork by Kit Hollingshead, a Boulder, Colorado goldsmith, combines form and function for this collection. The signature CP double-yolk clasp is an object of simple beauty and engineering as well as multi-functional. The ensemble of findings in this collection provides the flexibility to cascade, entwine, drop on a dangle, create a lariat, clip on a pendant or connect end to end for infinite variety. All clasps and strand caps are made of 18k gold and are available in yellow, white, or peach gold. The signature double-yolk clasp is available both with and without an inset precious stone. This design accommodates a removable dangle that can be worn in front or in back and makes an artistic connection between strands. An 18k gold dolphin-style clasp is available in yellow, white, and peach gold for especially delicate pieces or individual strands.

Easy care and maintenance

To best protect these heirlooms, they should never be submerged. They should be gently wiped clean with a damp cloth or gentle alcohol-based cleaner. All pieces are guaranteed for six months under normal use.

Please feel free to contact the company for special requests, customization, restringing or more information.